The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August.jpg

Below is my disappointing list of 16 books read in 2016 (but at least it corresponds to the year…). I felt I did a lot of reading, but I guess it didn’t amount to a lot of books. Some of them took me a while to get through. For example, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August was by far the best book I read in 2016, but it also took a while to get through. I suppose that moving to my year primarily consisted of:

  • Applying to grad schools programs and attending visiting days/weekends all across the country.
  • Writing an MA thesis
  • Moving to a brand new city
  • Starting a new PhD program in linguistics

So it’s not that I’m without excuses. But still, I wish I had read more. I do think I read a lot of linguistics/machine learning/cogitive science papers, and wish I had tracked those better. 

As always, credit for this idea goes to Robin. Her 2015 list can be found here. The only useful tool I’ve found for converting an Amazon library to a list can be found here. Surprisingly, or not, Amazon makes exporting this list tremendously difficult.

Nonetheless, here are the books I read this year, in reverse chronological order:

Time Travel: A History James Gleick
The Undoing Project Michael Lewis
Arrival Ted Chiang
Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut
The Signal and the Noise Nate Silver
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Claire North
A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L'Engle
Xenocide Orson Scott Card
Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card
Cumulus Eliot Peper
Ender's Game Orson Scott Card
The Cobweb Neal Stephenson
Red Rising Pierce Brown
Interface Neal Stephenson
14 Peter Clines
Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace