Current Projects

Check back here for specific updates. I plan on studying the linguistic markers of collaboration, and how we can measure conversational convergence.

Past Projects

Linguistics and Autism

Using Language Models to Understand Cognition

Keystroke Dynamics

  • Typing patterns are unique to individuals. Just as everyone has a unique voice, such as pitch, rate of speech, and vocabulary, everyone has a unique way of typing. We frame typing patterns by the keystroke’s linguistic context, such as the word within which the keystroke was produced, or that word’s lexical category. For example, a typist might produce TH differently in a noun versus in a verb.
    We utilize keystroke dynamics for two tasks: individual identification and cohort identification. The first task uses keystroke dynamics to better identify an individual. The latter task uses keystroke dynamics to try to predict a typist’s demographics, e.g. native language or gender, from their typing patterns.
  • Some questions that still vex me:
    • How do temporal patterns surrounding typing reflect cognition and language familiarity?
    • Why do we pause in the midst of typing?
    • Do certain linguistic phenomena induce pauses in typing?

Multi-word Expressions