Programming and Skiing

Below is my answer to the question on Quora, How well does the age someone starts to learn programming correlate with their long-term technical ability and professional success? [Read More]

2013 in Books

Title Author The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Adams, Douglas Life, the Universe and Everything Adams, Douglas The Affair: A Jack Reacher Novel Child, Lee Persuader (Jack Reacher, No. 7) Child, Lee Without Fail (Jack Reacher, No. 6) Child, Lee Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, No. 5) Child, Lee... [Read More]

“Nothing is ever easy.”

This post’s title comes from a plaque my stepdad has hanging in his office. I love it for its forthrightness, and lack of any qualifications. Although my life has provided me with a plethora of legitimate excuses for taking a time-out and kicking back, I always find the words of... [Read More]