America, v2.0

There are two big problems in American politics: gerrymandering and lobbying influence. Gerrymandering has caused us to elect more and more polarizing politicians, as seen in this great visualization from the Pew Center. And lobbying has created politicians who support bat-shit crazy policies that aren’t in the short- or long-term... [Read More]

Living The Teddy Roosevelt Life

In one of the final episodes of How I Met Your Mother, we learn that Ted Mosby became obsessed with Teddy Roosevelt after reading a biography. The scene is obviously meant to demonstrate how ridiculous and obsessive Ted can be about history, art, etc. [Read More]

On The Importance of Books

My inspiration to write this post came from LeVar Burton’s incredible Kickstarter campaign to bring back “Reading Rainbow”. The fact that the campaign raised over $1 million in less than 24 hours is a powerful testament to how important the show was, and, more importantly, the power of books. Although... [Read More]

Our Inverse Relationship With Wifi

A couple months ago, I couldn’t catch the series finale of How I Met Your Mother the night it aired. I didn’t want any spoilers, so I challenged myself to stay off of any news/social media sites the next day, until I could watch the finale. [Read More]

The Day of No News

Last night, How I Met Your Mother had its series finale. I didn’t watch it, but I’d like to watch it tonight without any spoilers. As such, I’m staying off all social media, news and blogs today. In general, I’ll be avoiding any sort of “news.” It’s entirely possible that the... [Read More]