The Day of No News

Last night, How I Met Your Mother had its series finale. I didn’t watch it, but I’d like to watch it tonight without any spoilers. As such, I’m staying off all social media, news and blogs today. In general, I’ll be avoiding any sort of “news.” It’s entirely possible that the... [Read More]

The Knowledge Business and Peter Higgs

A few months ago, The Guardian published an interviewer with Peter Higgs, namesake of the Higgs Boson, or “God Particle.” In the interview, Higgs talks about how he wouldn’t be considered productive, or prolific enough to survive in today’s academic system, and wouldn’t have been granted tenure. The upshot of his... [Read More]

Programming and Skiing

Below is my answer to the question on Quora, How well does the age someone starts to learn programming correlate with their long-term technical ability and professional success? [Read More]