On The Wikipedia #ArtAndFeminism Edit-a-Thon

For many of you reading this, you’re probably asking, “What was Adam Goodkind doing at an “arts and feminism” event? Isn’t this the same Adam Goodkind who, in 11th grade, took on a formal debate on why women are inherently inferior to men?” To my perplexed readers, Yes, it is... [Read More]

Would An Idiot Do That?

The Office bestowed many bits of wisdom upon us. My favorite gem is from Dwight Schrute, when he recounts the best advice he was ever given: Don’t be an idiot. He then expands upon this nugget: [Read More]

Programmers and Pens

To be an outstanding novelist, a writer need not be intimately familiar with the ink-making or printing-press processes. This, however, is the exact state of computer programming today. [Read More]

America, v2.0

There are two big problems in American politics: gerrymandering and lobbying influence. Gerrymandering has caused us to elect more and more polarizing politicians, as seen in this great visualization from the Pew Center. And lobbying has created politicians who support bat-shit crazy policies that aren’t in the short- or long-term... [Read More]

Living The Teddy Roosevelt Life

In one of the final episodes of How I Met Your Mother, we learn that Ted Mosby became obsessed with Teddy Roosevelt after reading a biography. The scene is obviously meant to demonstrate how ridiculous and obsessive Ted can be about history, art, etc. [Read More]